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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  March 11, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EST

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more spaghetti-os? 3 3 3 3 3 it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound off on
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our facebook page about anything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation.
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governor o'malley declares a state of emergency because of the ttrrential rains.the national guard was called to active service.roads were closed...and some areas evacuated. and the effect of all that rain is far reaching. joel d. smith is live in businesses were evacuated yesterday. good morning
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joel d. how does it look now? good morning joel d. good morning megan, (ad lib) and as bad as this is, it was pven worse yysterday. yesterday. look here as the the jones falls would not be contained, as the water rose so fast, bridges start looking like just part of the current. flooding conditions at the kelly ave bridge..... the smith ave bridge was shut down people not stuck in detours, came here on foot to get a look at this major flooding... a visual record of what happens when mother nature extends past the usual boundaries. close to 20 businesses closed here in mount washington.....includinn the post office and hole foods.... postal workees were asked to park their cars along kelly avenue... and a reverend at the mount washington united methodist church, could do nothing but pray the valuable items in there would be spared. in: i'm worriedout: lose a lot of things. things. out: lose a lot of in: i'm worried spared. there would be valuable items in but pray the valuable items in there would be spared. 3 in: i'm worriedout: lose a lot of things. governor martin o'malley is issuinn a state of emergency. calling the maryland national guard to active service. the declaration also enables local emergency operation centers to access state resources if needed.
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3 3 live in mount waahington, joel d. smith fox 45 morning news. flooding also caused problems downtown.this was the scene in the charles this was the scene downtown.caused problems flooding also morning news. d. smith fox 45 washington, joel live in mount 3 3 needed. access state resources if needed. 3 3 live in mount washington, joel d. smith fox 45 morninggnews.. 3 morning news. 3
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flooding also caused problems downtown.this was the scene in the charles street parking garage at penn station.heavy rains backed up sewer lines, sending water rushing into the garage and eventually spilling out on the north bound lanes of the lane was shut down and traffic of course gridlocked. a vigil is being held tonight... for ronald gibbs... a boxer... found murdered over the weekend.the 17 year-old was training for the stabbed to death.the main suspect in his death is 30 year-old terranne sims... a man with a criminal past. tonighh's vigil will be held near the intersection of garrissn and nelson avenue in baltimore.a funeral will be held on tuesday. a drug bust in baltimore city leaves 60 people arrested, including " snoop" the actress from h-b-o's "the wire." wire." federal prosecutors say 450 law enforcement officers carried out the was one of the city's largest heorin and
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marijuana drug operations. we're told dealers ran the ooeration out of the latrobe homes area in east baltimore. the operation is now completely shut down. (cooperrdavis) "frrm the streets to the sources of supply.. that's how we make impact. and in this case we we got the bbttom and we got everything in between." between." "snoop" faces state criminal charges along with 40 of the other suspects... the rest face federal charges. baltimore teachers rally in annapolis...agaanst budget cutt. cuts.about 100 members of the baltimore education coalition gathered at lawyers mall.they say cuts to education will hurt teachers... ...and students. and what saddens me most is not the possibility of me losing my job... but my students losing a librarian librarian the current budget cuts 94 millioo dollars from
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education.15 million of that... just from baltimore city. uncle sam coulddowe you some mo. money.the government has un-claimed refunds from 2007, that total a billion dollars. that's almost 600 dollars per person.if the cash isn't claimed by next month , the refunds will expire.the feds are looking to give out the money, but you have to do your homework. cox says: "file it early, file it soon. why wait?" wait?"tax experts are reminding us all, not to fall looking emails that say ever - they're from the i-r-s... claiming you've got a check cooing.they prefer snail mail when dealing iwth taxes. american airlines is increasing their ticket prices...again!it will now cost customers another ten bucks per round trip.if the increase sticks, it would be the seventh price hike this year.the reason?rising fuel prices. we are now jjst one day away
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from our be-mooe healthy expo. all day tomorrow ... you can come out to the convention center downtown to take a step towards a new more active lifes. lifestyle. candace dold is llve in our studio with a 3review. ad lib.
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fox 45 is stepping up to make your 20-11 the healthiest year
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yet. the b-more healtty expo will be held at the baltimore convention center tomorrow, march 12th.learn about exercise.. eating right and get health'll meet judge karen mills-francis of "karens court" and steve wilkos of "the steve wilkos show" the fox45 crew will also be there.admission is free.go to bmore healthy expo dot com for more information. itts a sure sign that spring coming... the arrival of daylight savings time.remember to set your clocks one hour ahead saturday might mean an hour less of sleep this weekend... but don't worry.we'll get that hour back in november. coming up on the early edition... 3&g-m is giving thier " volt" ...a "jolt"!hhw the automaker is boosting the economy economy 3 ((break 1)) ((2-shot toss to weather))
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still to come... coffee feens... you don't have to wait in those long lines at starbucks the coffee maker is making it's product ore accessible. accessible.and general motors tell you how many jobs they're adding. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) a pakistani national who lives
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in maryland... is in federal custody now.he's accused of threating national security. crime and justice reporter joy lepola was in the courtroom for the detention hearing. hearing. ((pkg)) 45 year old nadeem akthar remainee silent during his detention hearing in federaa court. a pakistani national ... egally in the united states living in maryland. federal prosecutors allege... that for five years akthar... exxorted material to pakistan... illegally. 15:33:40 what do you think of these charges? no comments. do youuthink your loved one is being wrongly accused? no comments... akthar's attorney wouldn't diicuss the case either... 15:33:22 i can't make any comment sorry. a 39 page indictment details ...
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the case federal prosecutors are now pursuing. at the ccnter of it... nuclear materials and equipment bought here in the united states then exported illegally to pakistan part of the nuclear non ot - proliferation treaty which aims to limit the spread of nuclear weapons... the sale of nuclear materials is heavily restricted. in a statement the fbi had this to say..."we cannot let our guard down in keeping regulated technology from reaching those who are prohibited from acquiring it. akhtar allegedly concealed the materiil through false invoices. material federal agents beleive akhtar was funneling to the pakistani government. in downtown baltimore joy epola fox 45 news at ten. &p prosecutors say akhtar shipped much of the material in question through dubai to avoid being detected.. straight ahead... listen up, starbucks able to get the famoussbrand another way.. find out how. how.and g-m is giving thier "
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volt" ...a "jolt"!how the automaker is boosting the economy. ((break 3)) 3
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a rocky day for wall street. elizabeth macdonald explains why it took a beating. beating. more mideast violence giving all street a beating. violence breaks ouu in saudi arabia. police forces there said to be firing on protesters. saudi arabia is he world's biggest supplier of oil. all thaa adding up to a rough day for stocks. the dow falling 228 points china also giving the markets a scaree..after reporting its biggest trade deficit in seven years. china hasn't had a deficit in 11 months. meantime more americans signing up for unemployment benefits last week -- this, after jobless claims hit a two- and- a- half year low. general motors giving the "volt" -- another "jolt." the automaker saying it'' going to double production of its green car -- creating 1,000 jobs. the volt
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costs 41-thousand bucks. g-m sslling fewer than 300 volts last month. and starbucks -- coming to a coffee maker near you. the coffee king closing a deal with green mountain coffee to briig starbucks and tah-zo tea drinks to k- cup coffee mountain maaes the popular "kuue-ig" single- cup brewing system. that's business, i'm liz macdonald. coming up... of bullies. how students plan to get rid of at a time . .
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3 lawsuit abuse is damaging to our nation. it costs more than $250 billion annually. $100 billion in
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costs to small businesses alone. trial attorneys and sympathetic judges play jackpoo justice with our courts. people who are legitimately harmed deserve system is cleerly broken. rrcent examples of lawsuit abuse include the congressman suing the u.s. house cafeteria because he bit into an olive pit in his vegetarian sandwich. a dea agenn who accidentally shot himself during a gun safety lecture is suing the agency after video of the event became public. and a college student filed a $1.8 million suit because the prostitute he hired left him unsatisfied. class action lawsuits can be worse. often plaintiffs receive worthless coupons or little to no money, while greedy trial lawyers pake in millions. last yeer, a st. louis judge approved a nearly $28 milllon cash settlement against investment firm a.g. eewards. i'll use an apple pie to illustrate the settlement. people - the alleged victims coupons each worth $8.22. the lawyers got the rest::$21.6 million. dickie scruggs, the king of tobacco lawsuits, now in federal prison for conspiracy to bribe a judge, said it's nearly imposssble for a defendant to get a fair civil trial in many courtrooms. for more on this
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the scheduled vote on same-sex marriage. a new twist in the debate. tonight on fox 45 news 33 3 3 it's friday and that means itts your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. want.llt us know what's on yourrmind-- and your response could air in our "facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation.


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